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The Doctrine of Eternal Security

  • The Doctrine of Eternal Security

One of the most foundational truths concerning salvation is that it can’t be lost. In our world there are many different men “mining” away at the foundations of what it takes to be a Christian and there is also confusion about what it takes to remain a Christian. This study ought to help you communicate the bedrock truth of Eternal Security from a detailed Biblical exploration. This lesson is not set up in “weeks” or lessons so that you may move as quickly or as slowly as you wish through the material. The size and continuity of your class will help determine how far you get each week. The study should take you between 10-14 weeks. The thrust of the study is found in a healthy perspective of what sin does to our relationship with God, and an extensive look into many verses that helps us to clearly see that Salvation in irrevocable, because that is the way God designed it. This study also provides a defense regarding many verses that are being used today across our country to teach “insecurity.” This ought to leave all who finish this material equipped to stand on a solid biblical foundation in our every changing world.

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